Pros and cons of online learning

Before deciding whether or not your organization needs implementing an e-learning platform, reading the following article written by JobsOra will be beneficial:

Remote courses. Pros and cons of online learning

More about e-learning platforms

E-learning plat...

Leaving unbiased ratings and writing technical reviews is a difficult task, especially when the author has to assess quality and performance of computer and peripherals hardware.

A typical scenario: reviewing a USB thumb drive

USB thumb drives are a good option for those who need to store back u...

Each time an element of the DOM changes, the browser will have to recalculate elements and styles and also it might have to re-flow the page. The following is the typical workflow:

Recalculate Style → Layout → Paint

  1. Recalculate Style: changing the DOM causes the browser to recalculate element...

What if after having written an entire document full of typos, the word processor refused to spot any of them? Two main reasons can prevent the spell checkers from working properly:

  1. Incorrect application settings.
  2. Incomplete language environment.

While the first issue has to be managed by...

Vim is a text editor and is an improvement of the original ‘vi’ program. All ‘vim’ examples presented in this tutorial were tested using version 8.1. Older versions might not work as expected.

Vim and Neovim

NeoVim is a ‘vim’ fork designed to improve the user experience. NeoVim supports the same...

Immutability means that variables cannot be modified once they have been set with data, which prevents unwanted changes from occurring.

Immutability and pure functions

The concept of immutability is strictly connected with pure functions. In pure functions:

  1. Return values are only determine...

You are in the middle of a SQL Tuning Advisor session and while the engine is analyzing the data the application suddenly stops working returning an error that says:

Tuning process exited unexpectedly (DTAEngine)

Depending on the workload the tool was supposed to analyze, this error could cost t...

Forth is an untyped programming language that heavily relies on the stack: data will be stored onto the stack before they are operated upon. Forth is the perfect programming language for hardware engineers:

  1. Forth is a very good alternative to Assembly and C. In fact, Forth allows programmers t...

To install the Andrew Wray’s ALE plugin, for example, in the package ‘internet’:

$> mkdir -p ~/.vim/pack/internet/start
$> cd ~/.vim/pack/internet/start
$> git clone
$> cd ale
$> git checkout [chosen_version]

Get the list of all available versions by pressing ‘TAB...

Data structures that strongly require to be thread-safe are best candidates to become immutable objects. Moreover, as programmers can write mutable code that behaves in an immutable fashion, how to best achieve immutability? Does this programming approach really affect performance?