Should search engines be allowed to refuse indexing specific websites just because an algorithm has decided that the same information is available somewhere else on the web? How would you feel if everybody was allowed to make money out of your own culture… apart from YOU?

Although cultures may be passed on both, orally or in writing, the internet is only focused on the latter… which is where the problem starts. While controlling and censoring oral communications was, has been and will always be difficult, electronic files can be easily deleted, edited and filtered out quite easily. Therefore, one day you might find out that the website you use to discuss topics that belong to your culture is being removed from the search engine index just because a corporation located 11.111 miles away from you has decided to create a similar website that covers exactly the same topics, but in a way the algorithm likes more… Now you are locked out your own culture and unable to make any money out of it… saludos amigos!

A world obsessed with the quality of everything (apart from the quality of the air) that will not refrain from leaving a review on that one horrible restaurant that no one has actually bothered visiting… The quality is important, which is why we will keep on sprinkling wood pulp on pizzas instead of that outdated real cheese.

Considering that Greek people either invented or gave huge boost to the following: evidence based medicine, geometry, geography, analog computers, algebra, shower and the concept of democracy… should search engine increase the rank of Greek websites? If this is not possible for all Greeks, should this be done for the websites of the heirs of Pythagoras or Thales of Miletus? For those who find this scenario rather implausible, are we playing the quality card only when this is convenient to big corporations or big groups?

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