Governments websites have been hacked left and right all over the globe for decades and people are reacting the same way since the whole phenomenon began: some will blame Microsoft, some will point the finger at Linux instead, while others will blame cybersecurity software companies… What if we eliminate the root cause of the problem instead?

Do people actually need to access these vital services online, on the INTERNET? Can we deploy them on an INTRANET instead? Wouldn’t it be nice to have service centers all over the cities, where people can access these services with the help of experts? I can see these offices being open 24/7 creating lots and lots of jobs, resolving once for all these security issues. Filing tax returns, medical reimbursements, driver’s license applications and so on could be then done on Governments intranets, on secured computers, rather than on the internet, on people’s possibly compromised devices.

To those who are not really interested into improving the customers’ experience I would say that this solution, in the long run, would also save Governments money, as it would remove the need of constantly upgrading software and hardware just to be able to cope with external attacks.

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