What if after having written an entire document full of typos, the word processor refused to spot any of them? Two main reasons can prevent the spell checkers from working properly:

  1. Incorrect application settings.
  2. Incomplete language environment.

While the first issue has to be managed by looking at the specific application settings, the second problem can also be fixed through the UI, in many different ways, according to the Linux distribution.

However, this post is presenting a solution that works regardless the Linux flavor, as it is based on the check-language-support console application. In fact, this executable file returns the list of missing packages that need to be installed in order to obtain a complete language environment. Therefore, this solution aims at fixing the language issues of all applications, which does include, for example, LibreOffice and Mozilla Firefox. To obtain the above mentioned list, all one needs to do is calling the application as follows:

$> check-language-support

Therefore, to install all needed languages on any Ubuntu based system, the following may be used:

$> apt-get install $(check-language-support)

Other Linux distribution might just require the system administrator to call a different package system. Anyway, this seems to be the easiest available solution to fix this sort of issues, for all applications and regardless the Linux system being used.

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