Trampoline functions for large recursive loops

Large recursive loops may crash the JavaScript engine as large cycles will continue adding entries into the call stack until the JavaScript engine crashes. Trampoline functions wrap recursive functions in a loop, calling them until they no longer prod...

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Immutability means that variables cannot be modified once they have been set with data, which prevents unwanted changes from occurring.

Immutability and pure functions

The concept of immutability is strictly connected with pure functions. In pure functions:

  1. Return val...

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Each time an element of the DOM changes, the browser will have to recalculate elements and styles and also it might have to re-flow the page. The following is the typical workflow:

Recalculate Style → Layout → Paint

  1. Recalculate Style: changing the DOM causes the browser t...

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To install the Andrew Wray’s ALE plugin, for example, in the package ‘internet’:

$> mkdir -p ~/.vim/pack/internet/start
$> cd ~/.vim/pack/internet/start
$> git clone
$> cd ale
$> git checkout [chosen_version]

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Gold level verified interest accounts with a minimum deposit of $300 worth of bitcoin, will earn i...

What if after having written an entire document full of typos, the word processor refused to spot any of them? Two main reasons can prevent the spell checkers from working properly:

  1. Incorrect application settings.
  2. Incomplete language environment.

While the first issue has to be managed by...

Governments websites have been hacked left and right all over the globe for decades and people are reacting the same way since the whole phenomenon began: some will blame Microsoft, some will point the finger at Linux instead, while others will blame cybersecurity software companies… What if we elim...

Should search engines be allowed to refuse indexing specific websites just because an algorithm has decided that the same information is available somewhere else on the web? How would you feel if everybody was allowed to make money out of your own culture… apart from YOU?

Although cultures may be...